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My work is an exploration into shape and colour and an investigation of pictorial space. I use memory of landscape and figuration to slowly build an image that holds the space I am trying to discover. The memories usually involve places I have traveled to that hold power for me, as well as narratives from personal experiences.The process is always one of excavation, with the surface often being built up repeatedly and changing drastically before the composition is found. The ultimate goal is that the space created in my two dimensional medium will resonate with a presence and some semblance of place, an image that holds a reality of it’s own, discovered through the process.
I was born on an island in Greece, but have spent my rather nomadic life living in Greece, the United States, Canada, the UK and currently, in a medieval village in the mountains outside of Valencia, Spain.
I received my Foundation Diploma in Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Art (UK), my BA from Bath Spa University College (UK) and my MFA from New York Studio School.
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